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( Shaken, not deterred )


04/06/2012 17:07:02

Awake & unafraid.: aimsme: stfusexists: fungi: When a girl tells you if you were the last...





When a girl tells you if you were the last man on earth she would have sex with, whisper: “Who would stop me?”. It shuts her up fast.

If a man ever says that to you, ladies, look him dead in the eyes and say, “I would.”If you have a blade, a personal tazer, or any other purchased or self fashioned weapon, now would be the time to lay it on the table. It shuts misogynists up fast. 

Another alternative is saying “You’d be surprised,” and pulling out a personal safety alarm.

Or, at this point you could choose to display your extensive skill in necromancy by raising half of the nearest cemetery/native american burial ground, and let his puny mind slowly fill in the blanks that if you and he were the last two on earth, there would be a lot of corpses to exploit.

Just a thought.

Or you could have both not been horrible people and avoided the situation entirely. Either that or reveal that you dabble in cloning and gender splicing. So that at least when she’s being a complete and total ass, you still have yourself to fall back on. You know, rule 63 and all that.

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    OP how about I cut your testicles off with a rusty razor blade. One. By. One.
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    What fucking assholes. Also. Do you really think girls are incapable of aggression and of defending themselves? We can...
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    Oh, and also… The women would stop him?:3
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